Savannah Cargo frees you from freight shipping company paperwork and details. You get low-cost shipping of boxes, crates or pallet loads without freight company hassles. You don’t have to worry about weight, freight classes, tariffs or after-delivery charges.
Call us at 1-855-9WE-SHIP (1-855-993-7447) or request an online quote now.

We also offer pick-up services. If you don’t have time to drop your shipment in our warehouse, we offer competitive rates. We will pick-up your shipment anywhere in the United States. Or if you choose, you can load the container at your residence

Our Services

Air Freight

Air freight is faster and safer with Savannah Cargo. You can often send your goods to almost any location in the world.

Ocean Freight

We have the expertise and experience to handle your international shipment regardless of size, to any location worldwide.


Our warehouse serves as storage center where we can receive your goods, inspect them to ensure they are damage-free.

Online Shopping

Let’s handle all aspects of the shipping process! We pickup shipments from any location in the U.S or have your items shipped to our warehouse.

Shipping Schedule

  • Next shipping scheduled to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania is July 30th. Pick-up scheduled for San Antonio on July 24th(Friday) and for Oklahoma on July 25th(Saturday). Pick-up deadline  is July 25th. Toll Free:1-855- 9WE-SHIP (93-7447) More schedules for other countries